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Stitch bond

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 This is a knit base material consisting of different materials joined using warp knitting.
 Specific knitting technology similar to our multi-axial knit base material (Marvele) is used to produce various sheet materials to be combined.
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Product Introduction

Stitch Bond Base Materials

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Product name Stitch Bond Knit
Width(mm) 1,000 , 2,000
Length(m) 100 to 500
Texture density(g/sm) 100 to 2,000
Thickness(mm) Up to 10
Number of laminated layers 6 or more

 Various sheet materials such as nonwoven fabrics, textile fabrics, mats, and film materials can be joined using free laminated construction.
 Six or more layers can be laminated, enabling multifunctional sheet materials.

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