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Composite Material(Specialized THIN & THICK)

Spread fiber material(Spread Fiber technology Licensed by I.T.C.F)

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 This is a high strength fabric thin-layer base material manufactured using spread fiber technology (the patent is owned by Fukui Prefecture).With various thin-layer properties such as interlayer separation, and fatigue and impact-resistance, it has drawn keen attention throughout the world, and is expected to have a wide range of applications.
 We work to develop and manufacture various products using this technology, in cooperation with the Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture.
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Product Introduction

Spread Fiber

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"Peel-ply" is the generic name of Maruhachi products produced using spread fiber technology.
Product name Spread Fiber
Width(mm) 1,000
Length(m) 50 , 100
Texture density(g/sm) 50 or more
Weave style Plain weave, diagonal weave, sateen weave, and others

 Adjusting the open-width of the spread fiber bundle enables various texture densities. Various high-strength textile fabric materials using fibers such as glass and aramid are also being developed, and exhibit distinctive properties of thin-layer fibers, different from the usual textile fabrics.
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