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Composite Material(Specialized THIN & THICK)

Random mat material

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 This is a base material offering isotopic properties produced using high-strength short fibers at random angles.
 Adjusting the cut length of high-strength fibers and selecting suitable manufacturing methods enable us to respond to demands for particular properties.
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Product Introduction

TT mat/CF

TT mat/CFイメージ
"TT-mat" is the generic name of mat material produced using our lamination technique.
Product name TT mat/CF
Width(mm) 1,000
Length(m) Variable
Texture density(g/sm) 500 to 60,000
Textile thickness(mm) 300(Max.)

 Laminating mats allows us to vary the thickness, fabric density, and weight.
 Various well-known lamination problems related to interlayer separation can also be solved using our special lamination technique.

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CF Mat


Product name CF Mat
Width(mm) 1,000
Length(m) 100 or more
Texture density(g/sm) 70 or more
Textile thickness(mm) Varies with texture density

 This is a carbon fiber mat material. Combining different length fibers allows us to partially leave the fiber strand, which enhances reinforcement.
 These products are available in different forms, produced by changing the texture density and fiber type.

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Here are two examples of typical random mat materials, but other mat materials using various high-strength fibers are also available. For more detailed information, please contact us.

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