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Multi-axial knit

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 This is a knit base material produced using a warp knitting technique. This multi-axial knit base material (Marvele) consists of structurally laminated fiber layers with specific inclination angles (e.g. 0/90 -45/45) unified by stitching.
 The fabric layer inclination angles and laminated constitution can be arbitrarily set, offering high flexibility in product design.
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Product Introduction

Multi-axial Knit Base Material

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Product name Multi-axial Knit
Width(mm) 1,000 , 2,000
Length(m) 100 to 500
Texture density(g/sm) 100 to 2,000
Thickness(mm) Up to 10
Fabric layer inclination angle ±10° to ±80°
Laminated constitution Arbitrarily settable

 Various raw materials such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, high-strength polyethylene fiber, and other high-strength fibers, in combination with mat materials, can also be applied.

"Marvele" is the generic name of our multi-axial knit base materials.
The environmentally friendly FRP material ECORM using special textile materials is also produced in the form of a multi-axial knit base material. Textile fabrics and mat materials are also available.

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