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Industrial Use Materials / Resin-combined Materials(Specialized THIN & THICK)

Circular Knitting Materials

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 For circular knit materials, wiping materials with a highly absorbent knit structure, including pile knit materials and double knit materials, are being developed.
 Seamless tube materials with three-dimensional walls are also being developed as various industrial base materials.
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Double Knit Materials / Pile Knit Materials

Various Knits / Tube-structured knit image
Product name Various Knits
Tube-structured knit
Width(mm) Up to 1,500
Length(m) Up to 100

 Circular knit materials are widely used due to their good draping property.
 Combinations of knits can create provide functionalities, such as highly absorbent structures and high moisture retention structures.

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3D Wall Tube Materials

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Product name 3D Wall Tube
Width(mm) 500 to 800
Length(m) Up to 100

 This is a circular knit material of seamless tube structure with three-dimensional walls.Circular knit materials are widely used due to their good draping property.
 The three-dimensional walls are light-weight due to being hollow, thus allowing various fillers to be used for certain applications.

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