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Composite Material(Specialized THIN & THICK)

Braid & Multi-axial Ply

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 Various braid & multi-axial ply base materials addressing different functionalities are available. In addition, unique high-strength fiber base materials offering high flexibility in design, for products such as batch-type multi-axial sheet (multi-axial ply) and batch-type random braid base materials, are available.
 Combinations of patterns, forms, and raw materials for various applications are also available.
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Product Introduction

Braid & Multi-axial Ply Base Materials

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Product name
  • Random Braid
  • Braid
  • Multi-axial Ply
Specifications Please contact us for more details.
Remarks Batch type

 Braid, random braid, and multi-axial ply are order-made products.

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