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We will pursue our motto "add More" and challenge the world.
We at Maruhachi utilize our own technology of 'Fiber + More' to respond to various needs around the world. We don't stand still, and always pursue our motto 'add More'. Becoming a Global Niche Company.
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Composite Material

Our various composite materials, such as woven materials, unidirectional materials, knitting materials, non-woven mat materials, specific thin-layer "spread fiber" materials, and braid materials, are introduced here.
Composite Material Thermo PlasticComposite Material Thermo setKnitting Composite Material

Thermoset composite materialThermoplastic composite materialSpread fiber material
Random mat materialMulti-axial knitBraid & Multi-axial ply

DFRP High-pressure Cylinders

Lightweight and high pressure-resistant, CFRP high-pressure cylinders and FW moulding products are introduced here.
製品ロゴ:FW Composite

High-pressure containers/FW formed products

Industrial Use Materials / Resin-combined Materials

Industrial fiber materials used everywhere, from underground to rooftops, are introduced here.
Composite Material Thermo PlasticWoven Technical TextilesCoating Technical Textiles

Warp Knitting MaterialsCircular Knitting MaterialsTechnical Textile
Hot-melt & CoatingStitch bond



High-pressure containers
Image:High-pressure containers7OMPa-class Plastic liner CFRP high-pressure containers.
Environmentally-conscious FRP material
Photo:Environmentally-conscious FRP materialThe environmental burden has been reduced, for the first time ever.
Multi-axial knit
Photo:Multi-axial knitManufacturing of multi-axial knit materials has begun.


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